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What is IP69K? IP69K is the highest standard on the Ingress Protection (IP) rating scale. This rating was designed for applications in which products are regularly exposed to high-pressure and high-temperature washdowns. IP69K ensures the highest confidence in harsh environments where sanitation and cleanliness are required. These products are ideal for applications in:

Food and Beverage




Medical Facilities

Medical Equipment Manufacturing

IP69K products help reduce product failures due to water/dust ingress, increasing productivity and decreasing production downtime.

IP Rating System

The IP rating system is defined in international standard IEC 60529. IP ratings are used to classify and define levels of ingress protection on electrical devices against solids and water. By defining a rating, the IP system ensures specific levels of coverage when products are faced with varying elements.


Our products endured the following testing:

IP6K Dust Tight tested in an Arizona A2 Dust 2kg/m3 chamber for 6 seconds at a time every 15 minutes for five hours.
IP9K testing which included high-pressure steam jet cleaning, water sprays of 1160 -1450 psi every 30 seconds. The water is sprayed from
4 different angles, at a distance of 4 – 6 inches, and temperatures of 176°F (80°C).

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